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On Veterans Day 2013 the Fighting Back Scholarship Program embarked on a pilot project to provide injured veterans with a oneon-one post-rehabilitative exercise program. This project was the result of a feasibility study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Veteran's Administration
The Fighting Back Scholarship Program was subsequently awarded a grant by the Council on Brain lnjury (CoBI). Scott Dillman, founder and executive director of the Fighting Back Program, has evaluated a number of injured veterans and found that "lnjured veterans are an isolated group of people, with a strong commitment and pride in the service they gave to our country. We believe that physical activityand community re-integration with other injured and non-injured veterans wil! increase the quality of life for these individuals." Located at 400 East King Street in Malvern, PA, the Fighting Back Veterans Program will operate under the same principles as the Fighting Back Scholarship Program, and will utilize specially trained personnel. They will provide a welcoming atmosphere for our wounded veterans. Dillman, a twenty year veteran of the military envisions "a community of veterans supporting each other."