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The people that make up the Fighting Back Scholarship team are dedicated community leaders who give their time freely to this great organization and the people it helps. All have seen first-hand the healing power that the Fighting Back Program offers. Many of the board have been with the organization for 15 or more years.

The Fighting Back Scholarship Team

The Fighting back team is always interested in volunteers. If you'd like to help us with The Annual
Achievement Night or by donating your time and professional expertise, please call 610-688-8868.

Event Committee

Patti Bosco
Marie Orr
Scholarship Application
Review Committee

Josette Cicacci, PTA
Randy Kienzle, M.D.

uzanne DeLuca
Mike DeHaven

Board of Directors

Scott E. Dillman
Patti Bosco
Kevin Connor
Mark W. Keilbaugh
Krista Moyer
Melissa Nathanson
William W. Orr
John Schwarz
Mark Sergas

Corporate Fundraising Team

Kevin Connor
Toop and Doug Guyer