About the Fighting Back Scholarship Program

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Scholarship Application
Are you, or is someone you care about Fighting Back from a life altering illness or injury? We can help. One-on-one fitness training will be completed on-site at our facility in Malvern, PA. Download the Fighting Back Scholarship Program’s application here.

The mission of the The Fighting Back Scholarship Program is to recognize and provide scholarships for individuals who are Fighting Back from a life changing injury or illness through courage, desire and perseverance.

Within a medical setting, the patient’s insurance usually covers limited
rehabilitation. Upon the patient’s release, insurance coverage to continue
the rebuilding process is often limited or non-existent. Consequently,
progress for many people often ends when insurance runs out.

The Fighting Back Scholarship Program, (FBSP), was created in 1989 to
assist individuals who have suffered a life-changing illness or injury, and
are without the finances needed to participate in a rehabilitative exercise
program. This rehabilitation helps individuals develop and maintain
mobility and strength, and to increase their confidence.

Our first mission is to provide financial scholarships to be used for individualized exercise rehabilitation. These scholarships are awarded
based on financial need to those who have demonstrated the attributes consistent with our mission statement.

Our mission is also to recognize individuals at our Annual Achievement
Night who have triumphed over a life-changing illness or injury through
their courage, their desire to improve, and their perseverance.


Fighting Back Scolarship Program, Inc. is a registered charitable organization. In accordance with Pennsylvania law, we are required to advise you that a copy of our official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

Beginning to believe in yourself after a life changing injury or illness through

Courage, Desire, and Perseverance.

When individuals and families experience a life changing illness a community of support and inspiration is within reach.
Program Values:
  1. A community of support that provides financial scholarships for one on one post rehabilitative exercise.

  2. A community of support where everyone knows your name and accepts you for who you are with your current limitations and capabilities.

  3. A community of support that allows you to maximize your ability through individualized one on one exercise and support. A program where effort is valued as much as progress.

  4. A community of support that recognizes you and your family on your journey. (Annual Achievement Night).

  5. A community of support for caregivers and family members on their journey.